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Welcome to the GammaRay 2018 Workshop page of the GammaWiki web. Here you will find information on the upcoming GammaRay 2018 workshop on gamma spectrometry. We hope to see you there and in particular we encourage students and younger scientists to attend. Information and material from previous workshops can be found here.

Registration form

The registration form for workshop participants is available here. Please fill in and send. Deadline for registration is 1 September 2018, but we would appreciate if you expressed your intention to participate as soon as you can.

Get-together on Monday evening

In the evening of Monday the 24th, at 19:30 when most of you have arrived and settled in (and possibly been to the local swimmingpool at Laugardalslaug), we kindly offer you to a casual get-together where we have the chance to meet and have some drinks and snacks.

The address is Laugarnesvegur 57, the home of one of IRSA‘s employees. It is a short walk from Grand Hotel, and for those staying further away, bus no. 12 stops immediately in front of the house (bus stop Laugarnesvegur/Borgartún).

We sincerely hope to see you all there.

Seminar agenda

The workshop agenda can be found here.

Time and place

The GammaRay 2018 workshop will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland 25.-26. September 2018 at CenterHotel Miðgarður.

The venue for the workshop is CenterHotel Miðgarður. This is about 1,4 Km from Grand Hotel, where most of you are staying (check this map); a refreshing 15-minute walk in direction downtown. This is two bus stops, one could theoretically also take a bus or taxi in case of really horrible weather. You can, in fact, rent bikes at Grand Hotel, which is of course the best means of transport in central Reykjavik. WOW also has a bike rental stand close to the hotel.

Those of you who do not stay at Grand Hotel, don't worry - CenterHotel Miðgarður is located directly at Hlemmur; the main bus hub of Reykjavik so getting to and from the workshop venue should be as easy as it gets.

Seminar cost

No seminar fee will be charged.

General travel information

Exercise spectra and samples

If you are interested in taking part in intercomparison measurements/analyses, please contact us as instructed in the registration form.

  • 1. Sediment sample (10 g) for lab analysis (sent to interested participants). Reference date for the sample is 2018-06-18 12:00.
  • 2a. Two low resolution gamma spectra for identification
  • 2b. Two high resolution gamma spectra for identification

Seminar presentations

Iolanda Osvath, IAEA-MEL: On the analysis of challenging ALMERA Proficiency Test samples

Michel Bruggeman, SCK-CEN: Efficiency transfer for low-energy (30-100 keV) gamma-ray spectrometry analyses

Nikola Markovic, DTU Nutech: Activity standardization by γ-γ coincidence methods

Kara Phillips, Mirion Technologies Inc.: Correlation Effects in Gamma Spectroscopy Efficiency Calibrations and their Impact on Activity and Uncertainty Quantification

Linda Corneliusson, Ringhals, Vattenfall: Sn-117m or Te-123m?

Roy Pöllänen, STUK: Recent RTD-activities on gamma-ray spectrometry in STUK

Jani Turunen, STUK: RADICAL – New research project at STUK

Sven Nielsen, DTU Nutech: Recent check of calibration across detectors

Marc Breidenbach, AMETEK GmbH: LVis – a GUI for ORTEC’s GammaVision that simplifies TCS correction and efficiency transfer using (M)EFFTRAN

Jacobus Andreas Swartz, DTU Nutech: On coupling Silicon Photomultipliers to novel scintillation detectors

Henrik Ramebäck, FOI: A Monte Carlo Method for uncertainty calculation in gamma spectrometry

Anna Rand, IFE: Results of the sediment samples

Tim Vidmar, SCK-CEN: Sensitivity of TCS correction factors to uncertainty in the computed total efficiency

Thomas B. Aleksandersen, Statens Strålevern: CONTEX 2018: UAVs and gamma spectrometry

Trygve Bjerk, IFE, Nikola Markovic, DTU Nutech: Intercomparison on identification of radionuclides in low- and high-resolution gamma spectra

Antti Kallio, STUK: Analysis of natural series using UniSampo-Shaman – considerations and case studies

Group photo

Other version Yet another version

The Organizers

  • Henrik Ramebäck (FOI)
  • Sven Nielsen (DTU)
  • Roy Pöllänen (STUK)
  • Anna Rand (IFE)
  • Trygve Bjerk (IFE)
  • Kjartan Guðnason (IRSA)