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Welcome to GammaWiki

GammaWiki is a resource webpage for Nordic users of gamma spectrometry. This work is supported by the Nordic Nuclear Safety Research (NKS). GammaWiki is a product of the NKS GammaSpec 2016 activity, which is an independent continuation of the GammaUser (2014), GammaTest (2013), GammaWorkshop (2011-2012), and GammaSem (2009) activities. The GammaSpec 2017 workshop was held in September 2017 in Risø. Read all about it here. If you wish to read about the previous GammaSpec 2016, you can do so here.

Link to the GammaRay 2018 site.


Interaction between practitioners in gamma ray spectrometry in the Nordic countries, was once sparse and fragmented. A group of practitioners of gamma spectrometry decided to organize a meeting to bring together experts in the Nordic region for conversation and sharing of experiences. They successfully applied for support from the NKS, and the first GammaSem activity was started in 2009. The response was surprisingly strong, and the meeting became a great success. There have been meetings each year since then. For information on past seminars, see our Past meetings page.

The accident at the Fukushima NPP in 2011 highlighted many challenges in modern gamma spectrometry, such as dealing with complex spectra not encountered on a routine basis, application of appropriate corrections (such as true coincidence summing), estimation of ground contamination and radionuclide concentrations in soils in general.

Current activity

We are currently hard at work planning and preparing the GammaSpec 2016 workshop to be held on 13 - 14 September, 2016 (mark your calendar!) at the Rømskog Spa & Resort ca. 90 km from Oslo, Norway. Please visit the main page for the GammaSpec 2016 workshop where you can also find the first announcement. Participants, please fill out the registration form for GammaSpec 2016, if you have any problems filling it out, contact us at

Most recent workshop

Our most recent workshop was the NKS GammaUser 2014, which was held 7 - 8 October, 2014 at the STUK offices in Helsinki, Finland.

About us

GammaWiki is maintained by specialists and experts at FOI (SE), STUK (FI), IRSA (IS), IFE (NO) and DTU (DK). We do accept your suggestions. Please email us your comments or corrections, to

Previous work

Two NKS GammaSem seminars were held in 2009 and 2010, GammaWorkshops I and II were held in 2011 and 2012 respectively and in 2013 we hosted GammaTest at FOI, Umeå, Sweden.

The previous workshop and seminars have aimed at focus on topics of relevance for the participants, including methods for corrections and calibrations in gamma spectrometry. The feedback has been positive, one of the participants in a workshop commented that it had been the "most interesting and useful workshop ever attended".. A full list of past meetings can be found at our past meetings page.

Useful resources on the Web

Useful resources on the Web

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